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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

beauty // petit vour august 2014 unboxing and review

petit vour august 2014

Back again with another Petit Vour review! This month's theme was back to school and included two full size products and three deluxe samples. For those of you who aren't familiar with Petit Vour, it's a monthly subscription box that focuses on cruelty free beauty products. It's $15/month and you can sign up here!

harvey prince journey review

harvey prince journey sample

Harvey Prince Journey perfume
full size: $55
sample value: ~$2.25

first impression:

This is my favorite Harvey Prince scent out of all the ones I've received in a Petit Vour box. It's a super spicy, musky scent. It's really strong at first, but gradually faded until it was completely unnoticeable after about 4 hours. Which was a little disappointing. I like the scent, but won't be repurchasing due to it's lack of longevity.



Rosemira Organics sweet coconut body butter
full size: $22
sample value: ~$2.00

first impression:

This literally has the consistency of butter, which I kinda like? It goes on pretty greasy, but absorbs within a reasonable amount of time. I would probably use this more as a nighttime moisturizer. It also doesn't really smell like coconut.. It smells a bit more like mango butter, which isn't a problem for me, but kinda misleading if you're into really strong coconut scents.



Beauty Without Cruelty natural eyeliner
full size: $12

first impression:

I normally don't like pencil eyeliners, so I'm a bit biased in saying that I'm not a huge fan of this. I prefer my eyeliner to be as close to true black as possible and I find that pencil liners usually don't deliver that. This would, however, be great for people who are really sensitive to a lot of cosmetic ingredients or for your waterline since this eyeliner only has five ingredients.



Mi-Me tangerine lip butter
full size: $5

first impression:

This lip butter smells amazing. Mi-Me was very generous with the tangerine oil. I didn't really find this lip butter to be effective until after using a lip exfoliant, so I will be using this as a nighttime lip balm.




Earth Body beauty mask
full size: $24
sample value: ~$3.50

first impression:

This was definitely my favorite product in the box! The smell is a little weird - like a spice mixture you would cook with, but I really liked it as a cleanser and how it also doubled as an exfoliant.

total box value: $24.75

Monday, August 25, 2014

ootd // back to school outfit ideas pt. 2

oasap collared dress

topshop arcade boots

collared dress and thigh highs c/o OASAP
Topshop Arcade boots

This dress is hands down my favorite thing in my closet at the moment. It's pleated and drapes in all the right places and just overall super flattering. The length is perfect and hits at a flattering part of your leg which I can always appreciate. The material is thick and will be great through autumn and winter. I will definitely be picking this up in blue as well!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

ootd // back to school outfit ideas

OASAP mushroom dress

OASAP dress review

red mushroom trapeze dress with detachable collar c/o OASAP
vintage crochet cardigan
Topshop Arcade boots

Not going to lie, I feel a bit juvenile while wearing this dress. Trapeze style dresses are probably something I should have left behind in middle school, but I couldn't resist the bizarre mushrooms with legs thing going on on this dress. I also try to avoid red garments since it seriously brings out how stupidly pale I am. I'm just breaking all of my self imposed fashion rules here. Anyway, this dress is currently on sale for $14, though I must warn it's a bit on the shorter side (I wear it with shorts underneath)!


Friday, August 22, 2014

ootd // eShakti dress review

eshakti dress

navy blue strappy dress c/o eShakti
vintage Coach purse
vintage Nine Westbelt
Shakuhachi heels
NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Cherry Pie

I love the strappy trend, but I've only seen it around in the form of bralettes and dresses that don't really suit my style. So I was super excited when I found this dress after eShakti invited me to review one of their custom fitted dresses. I love how the full-skirt gives it a vintage inspired look but the strappy detail gives it a modern twist.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

ootd // chiffon and boots

little mistress dress

little mistress dress

vintage ariat boots

navy chiffon and cream lace paneling c/o Little Mistress
vintage Ariat boots and rings

I'm sooo glad it's cooling down so I can finally wear this dress on a regular basis. The sheer chiffon sleeves and open lace shoulder detail make it the perfect summer to fall transition piece. Plus it's navy, which I feel is always such an under appreciated color in fall trend reports.
ALSO. I entered this look in Chictopia and Ariat's NWFW contest, so if you have an account over there I would super appreciate it if you could give it a vote or favorite.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ootd // basic

h&m dress, alternative apparel hoodie, topshop arcade boots

breakups to makeup clutch

alternative apparel hoodie c/o Apparel n Bags
H&M t-shirt dress
Topshop Arcade boots
clutch c/o Breakups to Makeup

Sometimes it's nice to just dress super basically. I've mostly been reaching for kitschy prints as of late, so a toned down grayscale getup is a nice change of pace. But I couldn't just let my outfit be too basic, so I decided to take my new clutch from Breakups to Makeup out for the day. I love how the cute print adds the perfect amount of statement to my outfit without being too loud.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

ootd // dolphin print dress

dolphin print dress

spooky eyes contact lenses

TopShop Arcade Boots

Green Party Contact Lenses c/o Spooky Eyes
frilly dolphin print shift dress c/o Oasap
Topshop Arcade Cut Out Boots

Okok I love these contacts. They make me feel like an anime character and my goal in life is to be an anime character so this is all good. THEY HAVE LITTLE HEARTS AND STARS ON THEM. So. Cute.

I picked up these new shoes from Nordstrom while wandering around downtown Seattle. The shoes I was wearing for the day were starting to hurt like. Bad. And I still had more shopping I wanted to do and had to walk back to my boyfriend's apartment. Is there a better excuse for picking up a new pair of shoes? Didn't think so. Sooo I walked into Nordstrom and initially found nothing aside from a pair of $1500 Chanel trainers I coerced the tux wearing salesman into letting me try on. They were beautiful, but a little of the budget. I then realized I was in the expensive shoe section and wandered to the opposite end of the store where Topshop and Jeffrey Campbell shoes were being sold. I saw these bad boys and it was love at first sight. Despite the four inch heel, they're much more comfortable than the flat(!) booties I was wearing.